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SCHUURSPEED - 3 Time ROAR National Stock Champions  


                                  Dominante  in both 2013 and 2014 Cactus Classic 17.5 and 13.5 Classes

                                  Series Titles 2012, 2013, and 2014 JBRL Series SPEC Stock/Expert Classes 

                                  Series Titles 2012, and 2013 Top Notch Winter Indoor Series

                                  and again in the 2013 Top Notch Summer Series



Tilar Pollack WINS 17.5 Super Cup Event powered by ​SchuurSpeed 

Using his SchuurSpeed V3 power Tilar also took the Top Qualifer position!  


Chase Boothman powered by SchuurSpeed takes the TQ position in Short Course 17.5 at the Stateline Race in Indiana this past weekend.

Chase had a rough race coming back to finish 2nd.



SchuurSpeed would like to welcome Absolute Hobbyz as a Stocking Dealer!




SchuurSpeed WINS another ROAR National title


ROAR Electric Off Road Nationals held at Space Coast R/C Raceway in Cocoa Beach, Florida



Wayne Wyrick WINS the Short Course Class from the 3rd spot on the grid.  Wayne drove perfect A2 and A3 for race wins to secure the title.   Wayne has driven for SchuurSpeed since the begining and has enjoyed success over the 3 years!


SchuurSpeed had multiple drivers in each of the Stock A Mains.  

Andrew Smolnik podiumed in the Stadium Truck Class taking a hard earned 3rd   Nathan Chase finished in 6th , and Charlie Cavalier taking 7th

Charlie Cavalier with bad luck chasing him took the 6th spot in Stock Short Course.  Charlie had one of the quickest SCT's but was denied at every opportunity - next year!

Wayne Wyrick just missed podium in the Stock Buggy class taking 4th overall.  With Andrew Smolnik putting in work and rewarded with 6th place.

There were many others running SchuurSpeed power and I would like to extend gratitude to you ALL.





SchuurSpeed is proud to have Superior Hobbies become a stocking dealer




SchuurSpeed Powers Winners of 2014 Surf City Classic Stock Classes


SchuurSpeed sweep of the Stock Buggy Class

James Raschko 1st -  Frank Toor  2nd - Dayton Brown 3rd


SchuurSpeed sweeps Stock Stadium Truck

Wayne Wyrick 1st -  Blake Beyett 2nd - Andrew Smolnik 3rd


SchuurSpeed Sweeps Stock Short Course

Dayton Brown 1st - Jason Dias 2nd - Wayne Wyrick 3rd


SchuurSpeed Powers Winners of 2014 Cactus Classic Spec Motor Classes


This year’s edition of the famous Cactus Classic featured over 250 entries in the hotly-contested 17.5 and 13.5 motor classes. 

Taking 5 of 6 TQ positions in the SPEC Classes

Winning 4 of 6  A Main events


My thanks go out to all the racers in attendance and a special thank you to all those running SchuurSpeed!   Sorry I could not get everyone onto the site.










Schuur Speed Powers Winners of Cactus Spec Motor Classes



This year’s edition of the famous Cactus Classic featured over 250 entries in the hotly-contested 17.5 and 13.5 motor classes. In the 17.5 buggy class, Michael Losi piloted his Schuur Speed-powered TLR 22 to a wire to wire victory from pole in the ten minute A-final. In qualifying, Michael was fastest in three of the four qualifying rounds, using the superior drivability and efficiency produced by his motor despite the warm ambient temperature at the event. In the 13.5 Short Course Truck class, Eddie Armijo drove his Schuur Speed-powered Kyosho SCT to victory after narrowly earning TQ over the Schuur Speed equipped Kyosho of Jason Diaz.

In 17.5 racing truck, Matt Gilbert drove his Schuur Speed powered Kyosho to victory. Other drivers earning podium finishes with Schuur Speed's Extreme Spec motors include Robert Hoffman, Wayne Wyrick, and Nathan Livery. 


The 27th Annual Cactus Classic proved to be a difficult test for both drivers and cars in the warm Arizona desert, with 51 heats making up each round of qualifying. Schuur Speed drivers took advantage of the smooth power delivery offered by their powerplants to post multiple podium finishes at this famous event, and even more impressive is the variety of chassis in the group, proving that regardless of the brand of car you drive, Schuur Speed Extreme Spec motor will make them faster!


17.5 2WD Buggy

TQ, 1st Michael Losi TLR 22/Hobby Wing V3.1/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec

3rd       Nathan Lavery Associated B4.2/Hobby Wing v3.1/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec


17.5 Racing Truck

1st        Matt Gilbert Kyosho/Speed Passion/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec

TQ, 2nd Robert Hoffman TLR 22T/Tekin/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec


17.5 Short Course Truck

2nd      Robert Hoffman Kyosho/Tekin/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec

3rd       Nathan Lavery Associated SC10/Hobby Wing v3.1/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec


13.5 Racing Truck

2nd      Wayne Wyrick Kyosho/Tekin/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec

3rd      Robert Hoffman Kyosho/Tekin/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec



13.5 Short Course Truck

1st       Eddie Armijo Kyosho/Orion/Schuur Speed Extreme Spec


I'd also like to personally thank all those using SchuurSpeed motors, I enjoyed being onhand to help each of you!   See you at the track soon.



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