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SCHUURSPEED - 7x ROAR National Stock Champions 

                             - Winner of the Reedy Open Modified 4wd Class and 2nd in 2wd with Ron DeVoll


                                  Multiple Winners across the years for the JConcepts Stock Nationals,  

                                  JConcepts National Indoor Championship Series,

                                  Proline Surf City Classic, 

                                  Cactus Classic,

                                  Desert Classic



SchuurSpeed enjoys the 2017 JConcepts Stock Nationals

Jake Thayer leads all SchuurSpeed drivers winning the EXPERT Stock 2wd Buggy Class over alot of tough competition.


















SchuurSpeed has three in the AMAIN 17.5 Open Class

Bill Jeric qualifies 6th,  Ron Schuur qualified 7th and David Burger qualified 9th

After the Triple AMAIN the results are 5th, 9th and 10th




SchuurSpeed Powers Winners of 2014 Cactus Classic Spec Motor Classes


This year’s edition of the famous Cactus Classic featured over 250 entries in the hotly-contested 17.5 and 13.5 motor classes. 

Taking 5 of 6 TQ positions in the SPEC Classes

Winning 4 of 6  A Main events


My thanks go out to all the racers in attendance and a special thank you to all those running SchuurSpeed!   






Throwback and a GREAT weekend by the team!


Schuur Speed Powers Winners of the 2013 Cactus Classic Spec Motor Classes




I'd also like to personally thank all those using SchuurSpeed motors, I enjoyed being onhand to help each of you!   See you at the track soon.



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